Voting is Fixed

After much trial and error on behalf of Blue___Moon and I (TheFatDemon), we have finally fixed voting issues with PlanetMinecraft. Run /vote to pull up the link and vote for Clashnia. The issue was more than likely PMC not able to reach our IP address and/or the port that Votifier …

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Recent Down Time

Recently we’ve been experiencing quite a bit of down time, particularly because we were DDoS’ed Friday Morning which caused our host to suspend our VPS. I have moved our domains over to CloudFlare which should give us basic DDoS protection. This process can take up to 24 hours to complete …

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Still Working on Forums

I have been working very hard on getting our forums up. Right now the bug that we have is that when someone signs up, they don’t receive a confirmation e-mail. I’m working on getting this fixed. (EDIT) It’s fixed now, you can now register at our forums.

Forum Setup In Progress

For those of you that check out this page regularly, you probably noticed that our forums didn’t work. Well, I am working on getting an official Forum Software up and running for us to enjoy. I will add another post when it is all Complete